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PhotoImpact-Oriented Bulletin Boards

There are a number of PhotoImpact-oriented bulletin boards, each with a slightly different flavor.

PIRC Board - Mary Lou's Board

This board is the largest and covers the most ground, including aspects and capabilities of PhotoImpact not used by the others. It's related to both the Beginner's Workshop and the PI Resource Center (PIRC). All topics related to the capabilities of PhotoImpact are considered, with weekly and monthly challenges in multiple areas.

Free Spirit Graphics - Rosie's Board

The newest of the bunch, this board concentrates on manipulating path objects using PhotoImpact. Weekly and monthly challenges are offered. Admission requires an invitation by the staff -- the linked banner takes you to a page giving more information and letting you request an invitation.

Pat's Board

A rather eclectic board, this one has a number of users with various interests and specialties.

I'm a member of all three. Someone suggested that I not mention any board on any other board, which seems to be good advice. I think all three have at least one ULEAD staffer as a member, and regular discussions break out on what specific improvements members would like to see in the next version of PhotoImpact. (New versions seem to come out yearly in the Fall.) All three have places where the user can show off different sorts of work, weekly or monthly challenges of different sorts, and where advice or critiques can be obtained.

Bob Prager